Latest Products Latest Products Thu, 23 Jun 2022 08:07:50 +0530 en-us Electronic Water Conditioner Fri, 16 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Water Mall is a name that will never disappoint you in terms of quality equipment required for industries and households including water conditioner, Aquaguard, RO Aquaguard and a lot more. We are notable suppliers and wholesale traders who offer you the best but at prices which are genuine and competitive. The electronic water conditioner comes with a digital display and is made of a metal body. Available in different models depending on the pipeline diameter and with a one year warranty, we will not disappoint you. Trust us as we have been working with several clients since 2007 based in Maharashtra and serve patrons having different needs. Why Electronic Water Conditioner Is A Good Idea? Helps in saving money. It saves you money for plumbing, appliances, for your electric bill and a lot more. It gives you cleaner hair and soft skin. The mineral ion present in hard water may not be able to do so. Hard water might make clothes rough and dull. But using the electronic water conditioner, you will have brighter as well as softer clothes. It helps in removing the irritating taste as well as the odour of the water. It enhances the taste of drinking water no matter what the source is. The kitchen utensils give a spotless look. Therefore, we are here offering you the best in the best price for commercial electronic water conditioner. Our professionals work day and night to offer you customized attention regarding product quote, customer support or any issues you might be facing. Trust Us For Competent Services We are notable water purifier traders and suppliers who offer you innovative designs so that you have access to pure water using the latest technology. They are lightweight and bigger capacities can save you a lot. We also offer you free installations for all kind of water purifier and residential electronic water conditioner. We are an ISO 9001-2005 certified company who understand about customer faith. It is you who have helped us reach the zenith and make a name of ourselves; therefore you will always be our priority for whenever you need us. Aqua G1 Water Purifier Fri, 16 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Water Mall is a name that many would suggest when it comes to quality electronic water conditioner, Aqua G1 water purifier, RO water purifiers and a lot more. We have been one of the most reputable companies that are offering quality products to customers far and wide. Our vendors only give out quality assured products. Our vendors as well as we, carry out everything from production to other processes in a safe manner. Established in 2007 in Maharashtra, we work with our customers to understand what their needs are and keep their business interest in mind. We give you no chance to feel disappointed. We offer you products in the most competitive prices possible but never compromise on quality. Quality Product At Economical Price There are several reasons why you require water purifier at home, commercial places and every place possible. Clean water is essential for all kinds of living form and for human life; regular tap water may contain fatal microorganisms. To protect your loved ones here are some reasons how water purifier would be a great addition. It helps in preventing all kinds of cancer-causing risks. Ensures you have superior quality water. Save money on water expenses by installing water purifiers at home. Protect your loved ones. Purified water is free of lead. Helps in maintaining the body functions and helps everything in running smoothly. No more gastrointestinal problems. Strengthens your immunity system. The digestive system will work pretty smoothly. We Offer Aqua G1 Water Purifier To Keep The Doctor Away The product could be easily mounted on the kitchen and requires small space and comes with easy installation. We also provide you with installation services and is available in the range of 8-15 litre water capacity, you face no hassle in storing water for long term use. With the fully automatic operation, we are the best choice and our products are affordable with the best features and specifications and offer services for the long-term. The product will not use any chemical to remove impure materials and save your family from consuming direct tap water or from any other source. Aqua G1 RO Water Purifier Fri, 16 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Water Mall is on one of the leading wholesale traders when it comes to Aqua G1 RO water purifier in Maharashtra. We have been in this business for a long time in Maharashtra since 2007. For us, customer satisfaction will always be a priority. We offer water purifiers that are built using the best technology and provide you with the safety that your family needs in terms of consuming pure water. We are a name that many will recommend to you because for us you will always come first. We offer type of equipment that come handy for various industrial as well as household uses. We also offer quality models of different water purifiers and softeners because we understand how it important it is for you to serve pure water to clients and family. Trust Us For Excellent Household Equipment Our water purifier offers you quality service and not just water purifier; we also offer you an electronic water conditioner, Aqua G1 Clive RO Water Purifier and a lot more. We offer them to you at pocket-friendly prices and understand the need for the best. Our product Aqua G1 RO water purifier is best suited when it comes to mounting on the kitchen. The purification system of this one is the best among many including RO+ UV+UF+TDS adjuster. With the 9-litre storage tank, you will be saving a lot on and not refill every few hours. With transparent cover and elegant design, it goes well with every home. It can handle water from all kinds of sources including wells, tanks, tap water and with the fully automatic operation; water will be filled in no time with you enjoying peace of mind. For Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Supplier in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, we will always be the best choice. We Deliver On Time We are trusted by many and as the industry has evolved, we have too. Our professionals work day and night to offer you the best in terms of service, customer support. You can call us anytime to get a product quote. We leave no stones unturned in offering you the best and are always there, we will give you no chance to complain.