What Features To Look For In A Water Purifier

Posted by Admin on October, 24, 2019

Water is the most essential thing required for our survival after oxygen. 70% of our bodies are made up of water and hence it is required that the water we drink is pure and free from any type of contaminants or germs. That’s the reason why the majority of the people now have water purifiers installed at their homes. Even if they are promised pure water, it is imperative to take all the precautionary steps and get the water purified using advanced technologies. The sale of water purifiers has escalated in the past few years owing to this very concern of the people. If you are also planning to approach water purifier dealers in Kolhapur or any other city in India to buy a water purifier, here are some of the features that you should definitely look for.

RO Technology

The water purifier you buy should be running on the latest technology for the best purification of the water before you drink it. The filters of the water purifier should be running on the state of the art technology. And the best technology in the market right now is the Reverse Osmosis technology. This RO technology has a multi-stage filtration process for the water. Its filtration process is a blend of active carbon and particle filtration process. When you pass tap water through RO filters, the water goes through a polymer film, called membrane, with very tine and minute holes. This is used for filtering the unnecessary micro-organisms and minerals from the water.

The next generation of water filtration is done by UV filters. In this process, UV light is used for killing the bacteria or any other microbes in water. This type of filtration process can kill almost all the microbes and pathogens in the water.

Wall Mounting

The next feature that you should be looking for is the way it would be mounted. Not every water purifier can be mounted on the wall and some need to be placed on a surface owing to their extra weight and bigger size. You should always go for a water purifier with wall mounting as they are more portable and easier to use. As your kitchen does not have a lot of space, you can simply mount the water purifier on any of your kitchen walls and keep the space on the slabs and the counters free.

Suitable For Water Of All Sources

The next big feature you should be looking for is the type of water the water purifier can filter. You would not be wanting a purifier to filter only tap water or groundwater if the source of water changes in your locality. That’s why it is advisable to look for a purifier that can purify all types of alkaline water like bore well water, taker water, tap water, river water, or any other. It should have different techniques like RO, UV, UF, and TDS to purify water as and when needed depending on the alkalinity and the germs in it.

Purification Capacity

The next thing you want to check is the purification capacity of the water purifier. It should have at least a capacity of purifying a minimum of 15 liters per hour of water in case your requirement exceeds. There are many water purifiers with lower capacity as well and you can find one as per your requirement.

Design & Look

The design and look of the water purifier is also something that you should always check to make sure it goes with the décor of your home and kitchen. Consult the water purifier dealer in Kolhapur or any other city to make the best choice.

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