Water Mall Blog http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/ Latest Products Tue, 27 Feb 2024 00:31:35 +0530 en-us http://www.watermall.co.in Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Water Purifier http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/things-to-consider-when-buying-a-commercial-water-purifier_7246.htm Fri, 26 Jul 2019 13:23:34 +0530 Pure water is essential for a healthy and safe body system. However, with the rising rate of pollution in recent days due to open dumping of domestic and agricultural waste along with industrial wastes in rivers and lakes has made things even more difficult.    Getting hold of pure and clean drinking water has become quite impossible as the groundwater is also getting contaminated sure to these activities. Thus, to overcome the issue of drinking contaminated or polluted water, water purification units have become a necessity.    Consumption of this polluted and contaminated water can lead to several extreme health conditions. So, to save yourself and your family for the grasp of ill health due to polluted water, it is recommended by majority practitioners to opt for a good and branded water purification system.    There are various types of purifiers available in the market, which include mechanism like RO, UF, UV, RO+UV, etc. Several commercial water purifier suppliers in the market provide their customers with the best quality water purification units, which would give them quality water for a healthy life.   Well, when going in for buying water purification units, several things should be considered. Coming to a broader explanation of the factors, it can be explained as:   Type of Water   It type of water depends entirely on its source. The water can be either hard or soft. As per experts, groundwater tends to be hard with a higher value of TDS. The term TDS means the Total Dissolved Value of salt in the water. Such water with a higher TDS level is not fit for drinking or direct consumption, and it requires a strong purification system which can help the water to become drinkable.    You can go in for getting the water sample to the laboratory and depending on the TDS level; an ideal water purification system should be opted for. In the case of hard water, the RO based water purifiers are the ideal ones who treat the water, making it easily digestible.   Type of Purifier   The next important thing which you need to consider is the type of purifier which you should install at your place. Broadly, there are two types of the purifier, electrical and non-electrical. If power cut is standard in your area, it is better to opt for a filter having a non-electrical purifying system using which can provide you uninterrupted service of clean water. Apart from that, based on the quality of water, you need to opt for RO, UV, Carbon filter, or osmosis water filter.    Water Storage Option   The capacity of the filter is a vital point which you need to consider because it depends entirely on the amount of water which you would require daily to meet your needs. There are various types of purifiers available in the market having distinct water storage and processing capacity. It is vital to check those thoroughly and opt for the one suiting to your needs.   Now comes the factor of price and warranty which you need to check thoroughly before making the final investment. It is recommended to read the terms and conditions and the reviews before making a satisfactory deal with the commercial water purifier suppliers. What Features To Look For In A Water Purifier http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/what-features-to-look-for-in-a-water-purifier_7562.htm Thu, 24 Oct 2019 16:30:40 +0530 Water is the most essential thing required for our survival after oxygen. 70% of our bodies are made up of water and hence it is required that the water we drink is pure and free from any type of contaminants or germs. That’s the reason why the majority of the people now have water purifiers installed at their homes. Even if they are promised pure water, it is imperative to take all the precautionary steps and get the water purified using advanced technologies. The sale of water purifiers has escalated in the past few years owing to this very concern of the people. If you are also planning to approach water purifier dealers in Kolhapur or any other city in India to buy a water purifier, here are some of the features that you should definitely look for.   RO Technology The water purifier you buy should be running on the latest technology for the best purification of the water before you drink it. The filters of the water purifier should be running on the state of the art technology. And the best technology in the market right now is the Reverse Osmosis technology. This RO technology has a multi-stage filtration process for the water. Its filtration process is a blend of active carbon and particle filtration process. When you pass tap water through RO filters, the water goes through a polymer film, called membrane, with very tine and minute holes. This is used for filtering the unnecessary micro-organisms and minerals from the water.   The next generation of water filtration is done by UV filters. In this process, UV light is used for killing the bacteria or any other microbes in water. This type of filtration process can kill almost all the microbes and pathogens in the water.   Wall Mounting The next feature that you should be looking for is the way it would be mounted. Not every water purifier can be mounted on the wall and some need to be placed on a surface owing to their extra weight and bigger size. You should always go for a water purifier with wall mounting as they are more portable and easier to use. As your kitchen does not have a lot of space, you can simply mount the water purifier on any of your kitchen walls and keep the space on the slabs and the counters free.   Suitable For Water Of All Sources The next big feature you should be looking for is the type of water the water purifier can filter. You would not be wanting a purifier to filter only tap water or groundwater if the source of water changes in your locality. That’s why it is advisable to look for a purifier that can purify all types of alkaline water like bore well water, taker water, tap water, river water, or any other. It should have different techniques like RO, UV, UF, and TDS to purify water as and when needed depending on the alkalinity and the germs in it.   Purification Capacity The next thing you want to check is the purification capacity of the water purifier. It should have at least a capacity of purifying a minimum of 15 liters per hour of water in case your requirement exceeds. There are many water purifiers with lower capacity as well and you can find one as per your requirement.   Design & Look The design and look of the water purifier is also something that you should always check to make sure it goes with the décor of your home and kitchen. Consult the water purifier dealer in Kolhapur or any other city to make the best choice. Know About Water Purifier and Level of Purification http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/know-about-water-purifier-and-level-of-purification_7969.htm Mon, 20 Jan 2020 16:19:43 +0530 Water purification is the most important matter in order to obtain clean and safe drinking water. This is just because our body consists of around 99% of water, and if it is contaminated, definitely it will give a reason to get several diseases. However, with several ways of purifying water, right from the ancient days to the most modern updated technologies, the prime objective of the both lies in obtaining a clean as well as safe to drink water. Water basically contains numerable ions, algae, harmful chemical particles, hard minerals, bacteria, etc. So, depending upon the consumption, there are a different methods of purification.   Major contaminants being purified by the water purifier • 99.9%. Mercury • 99.9%. Lead • 99.9%. Pharmaceuticals • 99.9%. Bisphenol-A • 99.9%. Iron • 99.9%. Coliform and e-Coli • 99.9%. Petroleum Contaminants • 99.9%. Heavy Metals • 99.9%. Chlorine • 99.9%. Chloramines • 99.9%. Methylcyclohexane-methane • 99.9%.Pesticides   Difference between a water purifier and water filter   Both water purifier and water filter operate on the same mechanical principle. The role of the water purifier is to absorb the contaminated water, filter out all the impurities based on the sedimentation rate and then dispense the clean water. But, one major difference between the two is that water purifier has the tendency to remove both bacteria as well as virus, which cannot be filtered by the water filter. Types of filter used in water purifiers:   • Reverse Osmosis Filters: The use of this filter is to offer multiple stage filtration by the usage of both particle filtration as well as active carbon. The water passes through the minute sized pore membrane where the minerals and microorganisms are left behind. All the impurities are being flushed out from the outlet pipe, and hence, overall the taste of the water is being enhanced. This filter purifier is highly recommended for those places where the water holds a large quantity of dissolved minerals.   • Ultra Violet (UV) filters: As per the water purifier dealers in Maharashtra, the role of this filter is to kill microbes and bacteria bypassing the UV radiation on the DNA of the microbial cells. This type of filter purifier is effective in removing the different types of pathogens, but, not for the suspended particles or chemicals.   • Ceramic filters: This type of filter is effective in removing bacteria as well as cholerine by 99% by passing through small-sized pores.   • Ion exchange resins filters: This type of filter is effective in absorbing the salt content in the water and making it soft for usage.   What to know before purchasing a water purifier?   • Step 1: One must know the chemistry of the water in their areas. Get the analysis done on the water which determines the level and the type of the contaminants present in it. This will significantly help to find out the type of purifier one required – either to remove the dissolved chemicals or to kill bacteria. • Step 2: The next step is to find whether the water purifier is required for whole household purpose or just for drinking. • Step 3: Shortlist different good brand and select the one according to the budget • Step 4: Finally step into the shop to get the right and authenticated product.   The water purifier dealers in Maharashtra ensure that the quantity is being met according to the rising need of the customers. However, each and every purifier is being designed depending upon the level of the contaminants present in the water.   Thus, to conclude the best water purifier is the one that has the abilities to remove additional microbes, suspended particles as well as salts, while keeping the number of essential vitamins and minerals intact. However, with so many manufacturers these days, it is quite a daunting task to find the best water purifier that meets the industry standards. Basic Things You Need To Know About Water Filters http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/basic-things-you-need-to-know-about-water-filters_8487.htm Tue, 07 Apr 2020 19:34:40 +0530 Water is important for all life forms surviving on earth. Be it animal, plants, ecosystem, or even humans, water is a necessity for everyone and everything. In fact, our body is approximately 60% water and we lose plenty of water from our body throughout the day. But if the water we drink is not treated, or purified, properly, it can be harmful to our health. This is the reason why we fill our body with clean, germ-free, pure water. Water purification by using a water filter is perhaps the simplest way we can improve our lives and those in our household.   The installation of a water filter in our home has undeniable benefits both for a water quality and life quality perspective. While water filters are popular in domestic settings, they have certain limitations as well. So, before making a decision for buying a water filter for your home or office, it is a better idea to analyze the benefits of water filters and select the right type of water filter for your specific needs.   Different Benefits Of Water Filters:   Remove Harmful Substances From Your Tap Water: A water filter of premium quality can remove a wide spectrum of contaminants ranging from chlorine to arsenic and pathogenic bacteria from tap water. This means that people can drink and cook with tap water without having to worry about dangerous contaminants negatively affecting their health and of course their family’s health.   Enhance The Taste And Odour Of Tap Water: A good water filter can properly remove chlorine, other chemicals, and sediments from tap water. So the tap water taste will no longer be affected by the presence of these substances and one can enjoy freshwater undoubtedly.   Reduce Bottled Water Consumption: Installing water filters at homes, offices or other places can reduce the consumption of bottled water. This means it leads to less plastic pollution.   Cost-Effective Investment: Initially, the investment and maintenance costs associated with water filters are very less, which makes them a better investment both in the short term and in the long term.   The Purified Water From Water Filter Is Gentle: The purified water is not only a healthy source of hydration but the best way to protect your hair and skin from the harmful effects of hard water and chlorine. Water purification is the first line of defense against chlorine and lime-scale deposits that can damage your kitchen appliances.   One can find different types of water filters in the market and can choose the best one as per the specific needs. Let’s take a look at types of water filter-   Activated Carbon Filters-These filters are generally used to remove larger particles such as sediment and silt from the water. They perform by attracting and absorbing these particles so they are no longer present in the water that comes out of the faucet. An activated carbon filter can also improve the taste and odor of the water.   Reverse Osmosis Filters- This type of filter is highly popular mainly because it has the ability to remove all sorts of contaminants that can be harmful to our health, making sure that the water is pure and odor-free.   Alkaline/Water Ionizers-These filters utilize a process known as electrolysis. These water filters can give softer water that is low in acidity.   UV Filters-These filters are one of the latest technologies available in the market. These filters use UV rays to treat water and have the ability to kill various bacteria that can be harmful to our health.   Infrared Filters- The infrared filters are used to soften your water. So if anyone is living in a hard water area, infrared technology can help.   For purchasing the best-in-class water filter, you need to look out for a reliable water filter supplier in the market. You can even approach a wholesale water filter supplier in your area for meeting your bulk and urgent requirements. Guide to Choose the Perfect Electronic Water Conditioner http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/guide-to-choose-the-perfect-electronic-water-conditioner_9077.htm Mon, 20 Jul 2020 12:11:19 +0530 Water is one of the essential element without which no living being can survive. Animals and humans cannot survive without water. Therefore, it is very much essential to take clean water. Water contains many essential minerals and nutrients which nourishes the body and helps drains out the different hazardous fluids and chemical from the body. However, not every type of water is suitable for consumption or use.   During the earlier centuries, people were conscious to have clean water for their intake and other uses. Yet as time has passed the water sources like lakes, rivers, ponds, wells, underground water, etc have become very dirty and unhealthy water.   So, it is very important to intake healthy water. This led to the invention of different types of machines which help people to eradicate the dirt and hazardous substances from the water and give fresh water.     What Is Electronic Water Conditioner? The Residential Electronic Water Conditioner is used for the water purifying. The machine also helps to soften the water. The increase of magnesium carbonates, calcium carbonates, and other bicarbonates are present in the different sources of water which makes it unfit for consumption.   Hence, it is very important to remove this hardness from the water. This machine has proved to be very good for changing the hard water to consumable water.     What Are The Benefits Of Using Electronic Water Conditioner? The electronic water conditioner has proved to be very beneficial for every place from commercial to residential. Besides the conversion of the hard water to soft water, the electronic water conditioner is beneficial in many ways. They are:   The machines help to reduce the chlorine content present in the water. The chlorinated water is disinfected and not at all suitable for drinking-water It helps to reduce the turbidity present in the water and makes the water clean and suitable for usage The machine effectively works on both high and low mineral concentrations of water. It helps to reduce the growth of algal production on the pipes because of which the water that flows through this pipeline is clean and tidy. The water will also help to keep all your pipes in good condition there will be not rust or iron formation in the pipes.     How to Choose the Correct Electronic Water Conditioner? It is very important to choose the correct electronic water conditioner for your house. There are many different types of machines which are invented in the market. The water machines are available for both commercial and residential purposes. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the correct electronic water conditioner:   Before you go to buy the electronic water conditioner you need to first see the power consumption of the machine and how much electricity it can save You should check the model and see if there is any dispute or any problem while running the machine before you purchase it You can check all the machines online and see their ratings to be sure before you buy the machine You should check if the machine can perform well and buy the machine according to your choice     People need to have clean and fresh water for not only drinking purposes but other purposes like washing clothes, utensils making food, etc. So, eliminating the harmful components from the water is very essential and the electronic water conditioner is the best machine for that purpose. The Amazing Benefits on Offer from an Aqua G1 Water Purifier http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/the-amazing-benefits-on-offer-from-an-aqua-g1-water-purifier_9471.htm Wed, 14 Oct 2020 12:16:17 +0530 The Aqua G1 Water Purifier has become a must for all households, workplaces, or schools in the world today. In the present situation, it is no longer a privilege. For any person who wants to live a safe, refreshing, and stimulating life, water purifiers are important.Many dangerous diseases are caused by drinking polluted water, malignant and adverse conditions. Germs or viruses that cause diseases are highly intoxicating and may also prove to kill. Here we discussed a variety of germs and viruses, which can cause a lifetime to die from the ingestion of polluted water and how this can keep our human body from being poisoned. Benefits on Offer: Nourishing Life - You achieve a healthy and nutritious life by drinking purified water. Ingesting filtered water intensify your weight loss, detoxifies the junk food that you eat, hydrates both your skin and your body, and also helps it to absorb nutrients. Demolishes Carcinogens - Toxic carcinogens and metallic components that are responsible for cancer can be killed by a strong water purifier to make it preferable to be consumed. Arsenic impurity in drinking water, city water aluminium that may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, chemical fluoride, and toxic chlorine, chrome, rheumatism, and barium are filtered out by purifiers. Removes Germs - This is the key role and feature of a water purifier. A purifier eliminates and makes it permissible to drink any sort of germs, bacteria, viruses from water. It eradicates cryptosporidium and giardia from unclean water and it shortens the probability of GI problems. Cost-Effective - UV water purifiers are very affordable and cost-effective. You can purchase a much cheaper UltraViolet Water Purifier. The main explanation for this is that the UV rays origin bulb uses just 60 watts of power equivalent to the standard light bulb. Simple to configure UV water purifier and low maintenance requirements. Chemical Free - UV water purifiers do not use any solvent to philtre the water. The filtered water appearance and taste are also unmistakable and perpetual. Fast Working - These kinds of water purifiers work very quickly. You simply need to turn on and click the button to instantly get the purified water. Environmental Benefits - In addition to these nutritional benefits from RO water purification and UV water purifier, the use of the water purifier rather than filtered bottled water has numerous environmental benefits. We all know that plastic is a highly toxic, venomous and deadly part of the natural world. The plastic bottle is eventually used to dump and discharge inland or water bodies which pollute, intoxicate and contaminate it after using bottled water. Therefore using a water purifier makes the atmosphere and the essential components of Mother Earth less likely to be polluted and poisoned. Final Words: The intake of polluted water is likely to affect children and pregnant women even more. So it is strongly advisable to eliminate all the pollutants from your share of drinking water by means of a decent and competent Aqua G1 Water Purifier if you want to enjoy and maintain a safe life. Why Should We Choose Aqua G1 RO Water Purifier? http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/why-should-we-choose-aqua-g1-ro-water-purifier_9563.htm Mon, 26 Oct 2020 18:00:55 +0530 Drinking purified water is very important for health as contaminated water can cause serious health hazards which, if not recognized at an early stage, may prove to be fatal. Thus, it is of utmost importance to use the best technologies to purify drinking water. Boiling of water, storing it into a copper vessel and filters are some of the common methods of purifying it. Water purifiers come in wide varieties and serve the same purpose in different ways.   Most of the families purify the water before drinking that is served to them by the municipality. It is important to know that different sources of water need different water purification method. Hard and Soft Water- When purification of water is concerned, we usually come across two terms- hard water and soft water. Hard water and soft water can be defined by the concentration of TDs or total dissolved solid particles in the water. If the concentration of TDs in the water is high then that is known as hard water. If the concentration of total dissolved solid particles is lesser then that is known as soft water. Soft water is usually a lot safer than hard water. However, with modern technologies like Aqua G1 RO water purifier, even hard water can be purified safely. Why Choose Aqua G1 RO Water Purifier? Any water Purifier can easily convert lake or pond water safe for drinking. Even boiling the water for 20 minutes does the same job. But none of these techniques can convert hard water to a form which is safe for drinking. That is when Aqua G1 RO water purifier comes in handy. The RO purifier can easily purify hard water (like bore well water having high concentration of total dissolved solid particles). Thus the purifier is suitable for both home and office use. The G1 RO water purifier has various good qualities which has helped it gain immense popularity over time. Some of its distinctive qualities can be listed as - It is best suited for mounting on any kitchen wall. No need to worry about switching it on or off as the Aqua G1 RO water purifier is fully automatic, which means, it is capable of switching itself on and off. Its capacity of purification is very impressive. It can purify up to 15 liters of water per hour. The smart water Purifier has an interesting indicator which indicates the level of purification of stored water. The Ro Water Purifier can store up to 9 liters of water in its inbuilt tank. The Purifier not only purifies water but also enhances the taste of the water as it removes all chemicals and salt from the water. These were just a few important qualities of the purifier among many others. All of them are making the RO water purifier one of the best purifiers available in the market today. Advantages of ordering water purifiers from wholesalers:- A lot of shops do sell water purifiers but wholesalers assure bulk supply in budget. With wholesalers, you're always going to receive certified, new and fully functional purifiers. They offer free servicing. One can also order specific variety aqua G1 RO water purifier on time along with free installation service. 5 Major Advantages of Using Water Purifiers http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/5-major-advantages-of-using-water-purifiers_9574.htm Wed, 28 Oct 2020 14:16:55 +0530 There was a time when people never used to hesitate to drink tap water. But slowly they grew awareness and learned about the presence of higher levels of chlorine, harmful bacteria, etc. in the roadside tap water. Everyone needs to drink lots of water for better survival. But remember you should not drink ill-treated water. Make it purified first, then drink it, otherwise, you may fall sick. If you do not have a water filter at your place, go for safe to drink bottled water. But if you really want to opt for a better cost-effective solution which is healthiest too, contact the certified water purifier distributors in the city, and buy a water filter for your daily usage.   Below are some of the major benefits of using water purifiers at home. 1. Offers protection against harmful organisms According to the reports provided by the Environmental Protection Agency, more or less 90% of the world’s water supply is not fit to drink if not treated properly. Drinkable water may include microorganisms and consumption of those can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and… death too. Branded water purifiers are able to destroy those microorganisms for making the water safe to drink. 2. Removes toxic metals Apart from microorganisms, untreated water may also contain minerals like magnesium and copper. Among the several minerals present in the water, some do not pose a threat for health but they can react with the other minerals and react to make deposits. And, the presence of those deposits in the water can make it unstable for drinking. As there are some minerals present in the untreated water which are dangerous to consume, a water purifier can successfully eliminate such unwanted presence of toxic metals to make the water safe to drink. 3. Provide authentic drinking water While drinking water from roadside taps, you may have experienced the smell or bad taste of water. A water purifier offers better tasting and good smelling drinking water as it eliminates the presence of chlorine level and bacterial chemicals. 4. Provide feasible solution Bottled water can be good to drink but buying lots of bottled water to drink can cost you loads of money every month. And, besides drinking, you need purified water for cooking as well. Thus using water purifiers can be a feasible solution to use purified water in every phase of life. Maybe it seems to cost a huge amount at the time of buying, but for the long run it is worth of money invested in it. 5. Makes an eco-friendly option If you choose to drink bottled water, for the long run it cost a huge amount. Added to that after drinking water from the bottle, you throw them out in the dustbin and most of them generally end up in landfills, which is a problem! Water purifiers, on the other hand, can be recycled after use. These are not just the list of benefits of using a certified water purifier but you should count them as the reasons why you must do water filtration at your place. Commercial Electronic Water Conditioner: Types & Benefits http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/commercial-electronic-water-conditioner-types-benefits_9590.htm Fri, 30 Oct 2020 17:07:28 +0530 Conditioning of water can be simply justified as a system that transforms the quality of water to a better level in some way. In short, an electronic water conditioner improves the taste of water in a healthy manner. Different categories of water conditioners are available in the market which is able to filter and eliminate chlorine from water.   Electronic Water Conditioner Types: • Carbon Filtration Activated granular carbon eliminates a few particular types of water-dissolved chemicals by absorbing those. These chemicals are a few special types of organic compounds which can be attracted by a carbon. The main motive of performing carbon filtration is to eliminate objectionable tastes due to the presence of sulfur (well water) or chlorine (city water) from all types of cooking and drinking water. Carbon filtration techniques are used as simple water conditioners which do not remove the hardness of water by eliminating the harness causing minerals from it. The water dispenser in refrigerators and almost every water filter available in the market use carbon filtration in it. • Space age or Easy Type Systems Such systems use the power of magnets through either the piece of magnets or wrapped wires, which remain surrounding the pipes for creating molecular agitation in the contained water. This technique makes carbonate salts to form scale deposits as small particles into the water. This, in turn, reduces the concentration level of magnesium and calcium ions which forms soap scum into the water. Well, the space-age technique is not fully verified from the scientists’ community. Though it is inexpensive to buy the magnetic area is limited in a specific area of the water filter thus unable to treat a huge amount of water at a time. This electronic water purifier is able to keep water in its new state for only 2 days after the treatment occurs. • Catalytic Media Catalytic media conditioners or salt-free water softeners do not use the technique of ion exchange mechanism for removing hardness forming minerals in the hard water. A physical process is performed for conditioning water which is known as TAC or Template Assisted Crystallization. Benefits of Water Conditioners: • Flush out current scale deposits and improve water flow in the machine through several scaled systems • Remove hideous scale on toilets, sinkholes, showerheads, and faucets • It has an extended life span and saves money and energy Various quality-assured and branded commercial electronic water conditioner products are available in the market, after a complete satisfaction regarding their purchased product; people can definitely go for a buy. Reasons As to Why You Need A Water Conditioner http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/reasons-as-to-why-you-need-a-water-conditioner_9944.htm Fri, 15 Jan 2021 17:42:35 +0530 It is believed that water is life. But what most people do not know is that water can be further categorized into two categories. 1. Hard Water 2. Soft water. Hard water mostly contains a huge amount of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium in them which do not form lather. Whereas soft water contains only one ion which is sodium and easily forms lather. A very common thing that everyone has gone through at least once in their life. But what most people tend to overlook is the importance of converting hard water into soft water. It is a fact that hard water can cause a lot of problems if not converted to soft water but it isn't always preferable as water softeners present currently in the market are all extremely overpriced and expensive. Therefore it is not an option to always look up to. Water softeners require an extensive amount of maintenance and the constant need of adding salt into the water. This can be a hindrance for those who have a salt restricted diet. Though soft water is always preferable yet it causes a significant amount of dryness on the skin hence it is mostly avoided. Even after having so many reasons as to why you should not opt for soft water it is still comparatively the better water to use. But as technology is improving, softening the water isn't just enough. You need something that works additionally and makes it the perfect amount of everything. Therefore an electronic water conditioner comes to the rescue that shall provide you the best benefits of both. To help you understand, here are a few reasons as to why you need a water conditioner – 1. Eco Friendly A major problem why most people tend to avoid water softeners is the amount of salt that is added to the water. The presence of salt in the water and other chemicals together not only causes harm to the body but also acts as a major hazard when it comes to the environment. Most wastewater treatment facilities face a severe issue when it comes to soft water and therefore the presence of a water conditioner does the needful. It conditions the water without adding any extra chemicals or salts to it hence helping the environment. 2. Healthy Skin As salt and chemicals are added to the soft water the reaction on the skin becomes harsh. One of the main reasons why it is advised and recommended not to use soft water when it comes to the treatment of skin. Residential Electronic water conditioners do not add any chemicals to the water which therefore does not become irritable or harmful to the skin at all. Whenever you're thinking of using a water conditioner you can rest assured about the status of your skin and its health. 3. Cost-Efficient When it comes to choosing the right water for your basic household you cannot compromise on the quality, but you also have to look out for the budget and cost-efficiency. Generally, water softener cost a huge amount of money and requires a constant input of want as well. With electronic water conditioner, it is one of the last things that you need to think about. Once you buy the electronic water conditioner and install it that is all you need to think about when it comes to cost-efficiency. It works extremely well even at a low cost. 4. Maintenance When it comes to putting effort a water conditioner is the last thing that you need to think about. Generally requires a very low amount of maintenance with just the basic cleaning process occasionally. Whereas with water softeners you need to maintain it constantly by adding salt to it. Thus it takes way lot of energy and time. 5. Longevity Another concern that most people tend to overlook is the longevity of their appliances. Appliances like refrigerator washing machine, dishwasher, or even an electric kettle run mostly on water. Therefore having the right kind of water will help increase the longevity of the appliance for a longer period. Having an electronic water conditioner will increase the lifespan of these appliances to at least a few more years. These were a few mention-worthy reasons as to why you should consider purchasing an electronic water conditioner for yourself. Make your health a priority with a water purifier http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/make-your-health-a-priority-with-a-water-purifier_10357.htm Thu, 08 Apr 2021 17:09:51 +0530 Health is something you can never compromise on. With so many health issues surfacing on the earth, you need to be extra careful about your health. Pollution, using of harmful chemicals in farming, junk food to name a few have drastically worsened everyone’s health. Water being one of the most important and essential components to survive is something you need to be very careful about. You need to make sure that the water you drink is pure and free of any impurities. However, the purifying process should not remove any helpful nutrient so that you get the nutritional value from the water. Water purifiers are common these days and almost every household has them. With so many brands in the market selling water purifiers, you need to understand which water purifier you should opt for. You need to make sure that you are getting clean, pure and packed with nutritional elements.   How to find the best water purifier? While you are buying a water purifier, you need to follow certain tips that will help you buy the best water purifier. You need to follow the below tips to get the best water purifier for your home or commercial places as well. • Get the water quality checked. Make sure to know the sources from where the water is supplied so that you can get the hardness of the water tested and buy a purifier accordingly. • Learn about the purification technology to understand how the purification process will work so that you can conclude whether a particular type of water purifier is good for you to buy or not. Make sure to get the best purification technology that will be effective. • Storage capacity should also be considered depending on the number of members in your family or how many people you need to serve. It should be a considerable factor while buying a water purifier. • Do not miss out on the additional safety features as they will add a lot to your purchase. You can get the maximum purity and can get sweet water which will quench your thirst in the best way possible. It can be added cartridges or added purification technology depending on the brand. • Check for the service and maintenance of the water purifier as it is an important factor. Whenever you find any issue occurring in the purifier you need to get it fixed immediately and a company offering quick service is always preferred.   Establish a business in water purifier and grow big With the high demand for pure water, more and more people are buying water purifiers. You can start a business dealing with water purifiers and it will help you grow your business effectively. All you need to do is contact a certified water purifier distributor and get branded water purifier at a marginal price. You can resell the same and earn profit which will help you to expand your business.   You can talk to suppliers and exporters as well and they will help you get the best water purifiers in bulk quantity. A lot of such dealers are going online which will help you to place orders online and get them delivered to your location without any hassle. Any certified water purifier distributor will be able to help you get quality water purifiers that will help you build a trustworthy name in the market and satisfy your customers in the best way possible. It requires a lot of understanding about the product and will help you to take a step towards growth and success.   Having said all that, you need to know how to make your business grow and you will gradually witness the changes. All you need to do is sell quality products and make sure that your customers are happy and satisfied with the product and your services. Try to keep the prices feasible which will help you to create goodwill in the market. It will help you to gain profit but at the same time, you can build a long term relationship with your customer. Residential Electronic Water Conditioner http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/residential-electronic-water-conditioner_11070.htm Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:49:09 +0530 The method of water treatment that includes removal or altering of chemicals, minerals and various contaminants from the water right at the source, is called water conditioning. The water conditioning process negates the hardness present in water and thus prevents building up limescale. Water conditioning is mostly practised for human consumption whereas, for industrial purposes, water purification is followed. Water conditioning is a broader term that includes the processes that involve changing the characteristics of water, water softening, water purification or filtration which helps in improving the potability and taste of the drinking water. The water conditioning also enhances the corrosion control in the boiler and processes water by controlling the pH level, oxygen downtime and storage. Effect of Water Conditioning on Hard Waters People who live in localities, where the water available is hard water, face a number of difficulties. The hard water lets building scale in the heaters and hot water pipes. This scale behaves as an insulating material that lessens the amount of heat transmitted, increases fuel wastage and often leads to failing the heating element. The use of residential electronic water conditioner in these areas solves the issues of hard water. Water conditioning comes with several objectives like reducing the scale formation, lessening the impurities in the water which can affect the odour and taste, improve the quality of the water and hence reduce the maintenance and operating costs. Difference between Water Softener and Water Conditioner The process of water softener which is salt-free is considered a water conditioner. The difference between a water conditioner and a water softener can be explained in a simple way. The method of water conditioner alters the minerals in hard water but the process does not involve removing them, hence the water conditioner minimises the scale in water. Whereas, the water softening process eliminates the scale magnesium and calcium with the help of salt in the cycle of regeneration. Water hardness is expressed in GPG or grains per gallon. The difference between the water conditioner and water softener is that after following the method of water conditioning the hardness grains per gallon in water remains unaltered. But after pursuing the process of water softener, the hardness grains per gallon reads zero. Altering the chemical structure of the minerals present in water might help to prevent the deposits from getting glued to the surfaces like pipes or faucets. But in cases where the water continues to be stagnant for a longer period of time, like in a water heater, the saltless water conditioning method is much ineffective than the traditional water softeners which involve salt. Reasons of Residential Electronic Water Conditioner Being a Good Idea Installing a water conditioner at home helps saving money. It saves the user from making any further investment in plumbing and other related appliances. It even saves electricity bills and prevents fuel wastage etc. The water treated with a water conditioner would help to keep the user's hair clean and maintain soft skin since it alters the mineral ion present in hard water. Using hard water for laundry purposes might make clothing and textile rough and dull. But, by using the water conditioning treatment the water would keep the clothes softer and brighter. The water conditioner helps to remove the irritating odour and taste from the hard water. Irrespective of any water sources, this water treatment enhances the flavour of the drinking water. The water obtained after treating with a water conditioner gives kitchen utensils a spotless look. Water conditioners are added to tap water before using the water in an aquarium. The dechlorinator reduces the chlorine to chloride. Also, the chloramine helps in disinfecting the water. Companies producing residential electronic water conditioner in Maharashtra offer the best quality products and at the most competitive price. Trade and Commerce There are a number of companies in India that are engaged in the production of premium quality water treating equipment used for industrial and as well as domestic purposes. This equipment includes Aqua G1 water conditioner, RO Aqua G1 and many others. Most of these companies deal in supplying these products, and as a wholesaler who offers competitive and genuine prices. These products are designed and customised according to the customer's requirements by hiring skilled, professionals and experts. These wholesale residential electronic water conditioner are available with different features in the market, depending on the diameter of the pipeline. These suppliers and wholesalers also allow a warranty for a year. These companies are noted for supplying water treatment equipment with innovative designs and several latest technologies. These water purifiers are not very heavy possess quite a large capacity. They also take care of installation, free of charge. Conclusion Water treatment is an inevitable part before using the water for any purpose like industrial water supply, drinking, river flow maintenance, irrigation etc. Water treatment of any kind is crucial for the health of human beings from the perspective of irrigational use and drinking water. Why You Need Aqua G1 Water Purifier? http://www.watermall.co.in/blog/why-you-need-aqua-g1-water-purifier_11628.htm Mon, 11 Oct 2021 18:35:35 +0530 The Aqua G1 Water Purifier is one of those specially developed and manufactured water purifiers that would be extremely useful to people at their homes, offices and any other place. The supply of clean water is necessary for every kind of life form on this planet including thecase of humans. The regular tap water that is sometimes consumed by people might contain some dangerous microorganisms that could prove to be harmful to the health of those drinking it. Hence, it is always advisable to use an advanced water purifier that can supply customers and their families with the cleanest possible water after eliminating the harmful bacteria is and other microorganisms present in it.   The Aqua G1 Water Purifier is clinically proven and acclaimed for preventing any kind of disease from the microorganisms of water. This purifier would act as the certification of superior quality water from the customers or clients. Installing this G1 water purifier at their homes can not only provide them with clean and healthy water to drink but can also help them save the unnecessary expenses that are otherwise spent on purchasing drinking water. The water from these purifiers is completely free from harmful metals like lead. The presence of certain important vitamins and minerals in such a purifier helps in maintaining the bodily functions of an individual. It would also ensure that the people or customers who are drinking this clean and healthy water do not suffer from Amy kind of gastrointestinal problems. There can be improvements in the overall immunity system of the clients. Some records and tests even show that the water from the Aqua G1 Water Purifiers can help the digestive system and its functions to perform smoothly and efficiently. An Aqua G1 Water Purifier manufacturer can help their customers or clients to effectively mount and install the product in their kitchens. The whole process of installation of this G1 purifier is known to be much easier than the other products and it also requires very little space to fit. The manufacturers and wholesalers of this purifier are well-known among the customers in the market due to theiroutstanding installation services. These specially designed purifiers are available in ranges of 8-15 litres of water capacity. Storing water in these purifiers is much easier and can be used for a long span of time. Being one of the best purifiers of the market the Aqua G1 would remove the excess amounts of unnecessary particles present in the water like excessive salt, microbes and suspended particles of dirt and dust that are not visible to the normal eye of a human without any microscopic device or instrument. The people who deal with the wholesale Aqua G1 Water Purifier can ensure the customers or clients follow necessary industry standards and codes of purification. Water purification systems and devices have successfully drawna lot of attention from customers within the last few years. This can be identified as a good sign of progress as more people have started realising the necessity and importance of drinking water that is completely clean and good for their health. The manufacturers and suppliers of these purifying and cleaning systems have always tried to stress the alternative to casual tap water. The comprehensive water cleaning and filtering system present in the Aqua G1 water purifiers have provided hundreds of customers with drinking water that has a great taste and is free from any kind of unnecessary odour. Customers are always welcome to visit the retail stores of Aqua G1 water purifier in Maharashtrato understand the various details of installing this system in their homes. The experts and highly qualified professionals in such a store would inform the customers about the various benefits of using the Aqua G1 purifier that is used for purifying water. The water from this purifier is not only used for drinking purposes but for also several other domestic purposes like washing the various fruits and vegetables in order to remove particles of dirt and other microorganisms from them, cooking and cleaning food items, preparing drinks like tea and coffee, watering the plants of the garden and many others. Purifying the tap water of a home with help of RO and UV purification techniques can ensure customers with clean water that does not contain any strains of cysts, bacteria or disinfectants that are harmful to the body of a human. In earlier days, people used techniques like boiling to remove unnecessary particles from water. But it is not possible to do so in the fast-paced life of a person nowadays. So it is always advisable to choose the water purifier that can effectively and efficiently clean the water just like the Aqua G1 water purifiers.