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Know About Water Purifier And Level Of Purification

Posted by Admin on January, 20, 2020

Water purification is the most important matter in order to obtain clean and safe drinking water. This is just because our body consists of around 99% of water, and if it is contaminated, definitely it will give a reason to get several diseases. However, with several ways of purifying water, right from the ancient days to the most modern updated technologies, the prime objective of the both lies in obtaining a clean as well as safe to drink water. Water basically contains numerable ions, algae, harmful chemical particles, hard minerals, bacteria, etc. So, depending upon the consumption, there are a different methods of purification.

Major contaminants being purified by the water purifier

• 99.9%. Mercury

• 99.9%. Lead

• 99.9%. Pharmaceuticals

• 99.9%. Bisphenol-A

• 99.9%. Iron

• 99.9%. Coliform and e-Coli

• 99.9%. Petroleum Contaminants

• 99.9%. Heavy Metals

• 99.9%. Chlorine

• 99.9%. Chloramines

• 99.9%. Methylcyclohexane-methane

• 99.9%.Pesticides

Difference between a water purifier and water filter

Both water purifier and water filter operate on the same mechanical principle. The role of the water purifier is to absorb the contaminated water, filter out all the impurities based on the sedimentation rate and then dispense the clean water. But, one major difference between the two is that water purifier has the tendency to remove both bacteria as well as virus, which cannot be filtered by the water filter.

Types of filter used in water purifiers:

• Reverse Osmosis Filters: The use of this filter is to offer multiple stage filtration by the usage of both particle filtration as well as active carbon. The water passes through the minute sized pore membrane where the minerals and microorganisms are left behind. All the impurities are being flushed out from the outlet pipe, and hence, overall the taste of the water is being enhanced. This filter purifier is highly recommended for those places where the water holds a large quantity of dissolved minerals.

• Ultra Violet (UV) filters: As per the water purifier dealers in Maharashtra, the role of this filter is to kill microbes and bacteria bypassing the UV radiation on the DNA of the microbial cells. This type of filter purifier is effective in removing the different types of pathogens, but, not for the suspended particles or chemicals.

• Ceramic filters: This type of filter is effective in removing bacteria as well as cholerine by 99% by passing through small-sized pores.

• Ion exchange resins filters: This type of filter is effective in absorbing the salt content in the water and making it soft for usage.

What to know before purchasing a water purifier?

• Step 1: One must know the chemistry of the water in their areas. Get the analysis done on the water which determines the level and the type of the contaminants present in it. This will significantly help to find out the type of purifier one required – either to remove the dissolved chemicals or to kill bacteria.

• Step 2: The next step is to find whether the water purifier is required for whole household purpose or just for drinking.

• Step 3: Shortlist different good brand and select the one according to the budget

• Step 4: Finally step into the shop to get the right and authenticated product.

The water purifier dealers in Maharashtra ensure that the quantity is being met according to the rising need of the customers. However, each and every purifier is being designed depending upon the level of the contaminants present in the water.

Thus, to conclude the best water purifier is the one that has the abilities to remove additional microbes, suspended particles as well as salts, while keeping the number of essential vitamins and minerals intact. However, with so many manufacturers these days, it is quite a daunting task to find the best water purifier that meets the industry standards.

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